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The study lasts two academic years (ie four semesters), 120 ECTS credits. Candidates for admission to this study program must have completed the first cycle of a related study. The professional title that is acquired is Master of Mathematics – Software Engineering

Study rules for the II cycle of studies

Classes for each of the majors are held for the duration of four semesters, namely: I, II, II, and IV. Each of the majors in each semester I, II, and III have 4 subjects, and in the IV semester, a master’s thesis is done.

Each course is a one-semester course, worth 7-9 ECTS points (credits) and is represented by a maximum of 5 hours of effective teaching per week, with the number of lecture hours and the number of practice hours, as well as the type of practice hours, is determined by the teacher responsible for that subject, depending on the nature subject. All courses from the first and second semesters are compulsory, as well as two courses from the third semester. Two subjects from the III semester are optional and are related to the topic of the master’s thesis.

Two optional courses and a master’s thesis (which carries 20 ECTS points) together carry a minimum of 47 ECTS points, which is more than 1/3 of the total number of points of the entire II cycle of education. They define the degree of respect for the wishes and individual preferences of each student individually. Compulsory courses for each of the majors carry a total of 76 ECTS points, which is 2/3 of the total number of points for the II cycle of education. They determine the degree of definition of the expert’s profile for a given direction.

Before enrolling in the III semester, the student opts (in writing) for elective subjects 1 and 2 from the list of elective subjects for the corresponding major. Also, before enrolling in the III semester, the student, in agreement with the teacher (future final thesis mentor) and with the consent of the Department’s council, decides (in writing) on ​​the topic of the master’s thesis.

Curriculum for the course "Theoretical Computer Science"

Code Course title Semester I ECTS
CS 410 Coding and Information Theory 3+2+0 8
CS 420 System Programming and System Software 3+0+2 7
CS 537 Parallel Computation and Optimization 3+0+2 8
CS 440 Computational Geometry 3+0+2 7
Code Course title Semester II ECTS
CS 465 Computer Graphics 3+0+2 8
CS 470 Mathematical Methods in Digital Image Processing 3+0+2 7
CS 475 Artificial Intelligence 2+2+1 7
CS 480 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures 3+0+2 8
Code Course title Semester III ECTS
CS 510 Software Engineering 2+2+1 8
CS 520 Computer Vision 3+0+2 8
Elective Course 1 min 7
Elective Course 2 min 7
Code Course title Semester IV ECTS
CS 560 Master Thesis 20+0+0 30
Code Elective Course title P+A+LV ECTS
CS 525 Algorithmic Number Theory 3+2+0 7
CS 527 Distributed Algorithms 3+0+2 7
CS 530 Selected Topics in Cryptology 3+2+0 7
CS 535 Advanced Database Systems 2+2+1 7
CS 430 Formal Methods and Computability 3+2+0 7
CS 533 Metaheuristics 3+0+2 7
CS 540 Fuzzy Logic 3+2+0 7
CS 523 Neural Networks 3+0+2 7
CS 545 Genetic Algorithms and Bioinformatics 3+0+2 7
CS 547 Interactive Computer Graphics 3+0+2 7
AMAT 535 Integer and Combinatorial Optimization 3+2+0 7
AMAT 430 Nonlinear Optimization 3+2+0 7
PMAT 425 Fourier Transform and Wavelets 3+2+0 8