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Professional study

Information technologies

The professional study lasts 4 semesters with a total of 16 compulsory subjects and Industrial Practice and Final Project, thus achieving a minimum of 120 ECTS credits. The duration of each semester is 15 weeks. Candidates for admission to this study program must have completed a four-year high school. The size of the groups is defined by the Standards and norms for the field of higher education of the Canton of Sarajevo.

Students have the right to transfer to the next year of study within one study cycle a maximum of 12 ECTS study points or a maximum of two failed subjects regardless of evaluation, provided that the failed subject that is transferred to the next study year is not a prerequisite for taking the subject in that study year.

This program study aims to enable professional development and training of staff (programmers) for IT needs through two-year professional training with the possibility of students passing the 1st cycle of studies in the direction of Theoretical Computer Science.

The main goal of the two-year professional study is to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills that qualify them for access to work in the IT sector. During their studies, participants acquire knowledge and competences in various areas of information technology and computer science, which enable them to understand the necessary IT systems at all levels of integration and in a wide range of relevant problems. Acquired knowledge and skills can be applied to various information systems used by various software companies or other institutions that need to use specific computer applications.

Upon completion of this study program, candidates will be able to:

  • effectively use operating systems, as well as computer applications in the field of word processing, spreadsheet calculations and business graphics, as well as some algebraic computer packages,
  • analyze the possibilities and methods of solving problems with the help of computers,
  • develop programming solutions in different programming languages, both without and with the application of object-oriented and generic techniques,
  • use and implement standard algorithmic techniques and data structures,
  • create and implement websites,
  • create, implement and maintain various databases.

The professional specialist diploma in information technology, which is obtained after completing this study, qualifies the holder to work in companies and institutions that develop and use computer applications, such as software companies, insurance companies and banks, as well as in other companies and institutions that need IT specialists In addition to completed courses in the pedagogical-psychological and didactic-methodical areas of the first cycle of studies of the Department of Mathematics, the holder of the diploma is qualified to independently teach IT subjects in elementary schools.

The professional title that is acquired is: Professional specialist in information technologies

Curriculum and program for the two-year professional study “Information Technologies” (valid for students enrolled from the academic year 2018/19)

Code Subjet name Semester I ECTS
IT 110 Programming I 2+2+2 8
IT 120 Web programming I 2+0+2 8
IT 130 Computer Systems 3+3+0 6
IT 140 Mathematics 3+3+0 8
Code Subjet name Semester II ECTS
IT 160 Programming II 3+2+2 9
IT 170 Computer Networks 2+0+2 7
IT 180 Statistics 2+1+2 7
IT 190 Discrete Mathematics 2+2+0 7
Code Subjet name Semester III ECTS
IT 210 Data Structures and Algorithms 3+2+2 7
IT 220 Databases 3+0+2 6
IT 230 Software Development 3+0+2 6
IT 240 Selected Topics in Information Technology 2+0+2 5
IT 250 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 3+3+0 6
Code Subjet name Semester IV ECTS
IT 260 Comparitive Analysis of Programming Languages 3+0+2 5
IT 270 Web Programming II 2+0+2 5
IT 280 Mobile Application Development 2+0+2 5
IT 290 Industrial Practice 0+0+6 5
IT 295 Final Project 0+0+6 10